Teen Library Council Fundraiser for Puerto Rico


As pictured from top left around the table: Payton Meeks, Rebecca Fisher, Taylor Kelley, Bianca Drak, Korin Flowers, Brielle Boyd, Ola Esmail, Alya Esmail, Sya White

Teen Library Council, an organization run by teens for teens, needs a little bit of assistance. The good news is that anyone and everyone can help! The better news is that all one has to do is buy a delicious cookie or two! Teen Library Council, also known as TLC, is hosting a bake sale in the Lee Road library’s lobby on Sunday, January 28, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. The teens are hoping to raise a lot of money to add to relief funds headed for Puerto Rico.

The organization they decided to give the money to is United for Puerto Rico. This organization was an initiative made a reality by First Lady Beatriz Rosello to help with the distribution of relief funds and supplies to the people after Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The Friends of the Library, the non-profit organization that works with the library, will gift the money to United For Puerto Rico as the library cannot make donations directly.
When asked why TLC is sending the money specifically to Puerto Rico, Payton Meeks said that it was the first thing that came to mind. That Puerto Rico “stood out the most” to the members.

Rebecca Fisher, the other founder of TLC, also commented on this question saying that the group was very concerned that Puerto Rico would not be able to revive itself fully after the damage the hurricanes would cause. At the time this decision was made, Hurricane Irma had already hit, causing a lot of damage and killing many, and Maria was on her way.

Tenth grader Kevin Oliver Jr., a TLC member, also commented that Puerto Rico needed help and that if TLC wants to do service projects like this they “gotta start somewhere.”

The impact of the hurricanes is still felt today with many people still missing, buildings and homes slowly being reconstructed, and the questionable ability of the people to get the basic things they need. The teens want to contribute as much as they can to help these processes get done faster. Fisher says that she wants the TLC teens to, “notice that every little bit helps” and that even though things seem to be dark for Puerto Rico even 10 dollars is better than nothing.

So while you’re lost in the mazes of bookshelves, keep an eye out for the teens to guide you to a sweet treat!