Four Plays, One Act!


In the very back row: Rohan Bruce, AJ Reinhardt, Jack Johnson, and Jesse Hodges In the second row: Derek Black, Remi Godard, Jonah Kerr-Jung, Molly Hayes, Chip Vandall, Lily Kerr-Jung, and Maddie Richardson In the third row: Zelda Thayer-Hansen, Anyssa Hanna, and Nareus Hardin In the front: Marissa McDonald Not present: Aliyah Ducksworth and Dymond Richardson

A night at the theater is a special occasion, even if it is just a bunch one acts! January 25th and 26th were the 7th annual One Acts performed by the Cleveland Heights High Drama Club. This organization, run by Theater and English teacher Mr. David Jurns, performs these plays in the high school auditorium. Even the audience is on stage, with some folding chairs on risers creating a box for the actors and actresses.

The One Acts are student directed and performed. This year the seniors in the Drama Club stepped up to take a crack at directing a play of their choice. It could be anything, but it has to be only one act. This year, seniors AJ Reinhardt, Jesse Hodges, and Remy Godard picked the scripts, chose the cast, and found the costumes and props. All that was left was to rehearse the very unique plays.

William Borden wrote a one act play named “Jumping,” which AJ Reinhardt brought to life for the audience. Jenny, played by Lily Kerr-Jung, was about to jump from a bridge. She was distraught that her lover would leave her for a lumberjack named Sven. Or was the name Stephen? It didn’t matter, her lover was gone and life was hardly worth it! Until another young woman named Denise, played by Rohan Bruce, walked by of course. Her own boyfriend had decided to run off with some young skirt and only left a note that morning! As the two began to talk, Jenny found jumping difficult to perform. There were pikes swimming in the water and ice covering the lake. In the end, the two decided to go get some hot chocolate from Denise’s apartment and begin their own relationship.

Historical figures have it the worst, but none worse than Trotsky! In David Ives’s “Variations On The Death Of Trotsky” the audience is treated to a number of different ways in which Trotsky is made aware of his death. Jesse Hodges, the director, cast Jonah Kerr-Jung as poor Trotsky who has a climber’s axe smashed into his head. It was not buried as Mrs. Trotsky, played by AJ Reinhardt, tells Trotsky. The axe head could still be seen; so, therefore it was smashed. Ramon Mercador the Spanish gardener, played by Jesse Hodges, admits to smashing the axe into his employer’s head on grounds of love for Mrs. Trotsky or because there is no ice pick in the house depending upon which timeline one wishes to follow. In the end, Trotsky still dies due to a climber’s axe smashed against his head. No amount of timeline jumping apparently saved him from that.  

Reinhardt directed another play by Joel Selmeir titled “Bug-Swatter.” In this “slice of life” one act, young Robin, played by Lily Kerr-Jung, just wanted to graduate with her degree from college and get a job. She did not count on the fact that she would meet David, played by Jack Johnson, and that the two of them would have a kid before marriage. As they clean up after a barbecue, they start to talk about the suburban life. It is too quiet for Robin but David thinks it would be perfect for them. If they were to get married so their child could have the same last name it would be even better! To this idea, Robin is also in accordance.

The zombie apocalypse is here! Time to gather the dream team of survivors, supplies, weapons, and a plan! What if one does not have a plan though? What if this whole thing just came out of nowhere and one is completely unprepared? Then allow Don Zoldis’s “10 Ways To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse” to guide you! Director Remi Godard helps his audience to understand just how they too can survive the apocalypse by following Sam, played by Anyssa Hanna, Jimmy, played by Chip Vandall, Susan, played by Zelda Thayer-Hansen, and Christy, played by Maddie Norton. Take notes on the various ideas such as leaving the weak behind, running really fast and without falling, finding a secret stash of untested weapons, train killer dogs, or eliminating the narrators who may be named Nareus Hardin and Dymond Richardson before they can ruin your life even more. However, it is advised that if you decided to follow the last suggestion, finish the job before they have the time to narrate your death by zombies as revenge.