How to Build a Snowman


Have you always wanted to experience the fun of making a snowman, but never knew where to begin? Here are 12 easy steps for a perfect, nice looking snowman!

  1. Make sure the snow is right for building a snowman — Not all snow can create a snowman! You want snow which is slightly wet, not too fluffy or too icy. To test it, gather together a few handfuls of snow into a ball and see if it packs. If it falls apart, you won’t be able to build a snowman. You’ll also want at least 4 inches of snow on the ground for perfect snowman conditions.
  2. Find a good place to build your snowman – Find a flat location, not one on a slope, or your snowman will keep falling down. The spot should ideally be protected from any sun, so your snowman doesn’t melt too quickly!
  3. Make a snowball with your hands — Gather snow from the ground and pack it together well to make a medium-sized snowball.
  4. Roll the snowball along the ground — As you roll, the snowball will pick up more snow and get bigger. Keep on rolling and packing the snow together. Stop when the snowball is about 1 foot high.
  5. Plant the bottom snowball where your snowman will stand — Make sure it’s planted securely by packing more snow between the snowball and the ground snow. Now you have the bottom of your snowman!
  6. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to create two more snowballs — These balls should be a medium and smaller size, to stack easily on top of the bottom ball without falling off. The smallest and topmost snowball will be the snowman’s head, of course.
  7. Flatten the tops and bottoms of the each snowball, so they sit securely on top of each other.
  8. Pack some snow between the snowballs to secure them — Think of this snow as “glue” keeping the layers of your snowman together. You don’t want his body falling apart!
  9. Add sticks for the snowman’s arms — Find two sticks of a similar length, and stick them into either side of the middle snowball. These will be his arms.
  10. Give your snowman a face — Now you have an option so you can get creative with the snowman’s face. Stick a carrot into the top snowball for a nose — or you can use a banana, cucumber, celery stick, or any other suitable object that strikes your fancy! Coal or pebbles are popular for making the eyes, but you can also use grapes, prunes, clementines, and so on. Make a mouth by stringing together a line of pebbles – or whatever else you choose. Just remember that using food might attract birds!
  11. Accessorise your snowman — Give him an old hat, or wrap a scarf around his neck. You can tie him an old neck-tie or give him sunglasses. Make sure that whatever clothing or accessories you give him are old and unwanted for human use— they might be ruined by being in the snow!