Ringing in the New Year with a New Tradition


Another year is on the way out and a new one coming in,.New Year’s day is fast approaching and everyone is getting ready! People are preparing their homes for parties, ingredients are being bought for special foods and everyone is eagerly awaiting to watch the ball drop in New York City! Although, they could be watching the cheese drop in Plymouth, Wisconsin. The 10-foot tall guitar drop in Memphis, Tennessee is shaping up to be quite the spectacle too. However, there is also the giant acorn drop happening in Raleigh, North Carolina that a lot of people are going to see as well.

As it turns out, New York is not the only the one who drops something to ring in the new year. It’s just the most famous for it! Different cities across the nation drop something that is important to them to welcome the coming months. This brings up an interesting question, “If Cleveland or Cleveland Heights were to drop something, what would they drop and why?”

Ninth grader Dasia Love and twelfth grader Kayla Harvey both believe that a rendition of a buckeye should be dropped, Ohio is called the Buckeye State for a reason! Timea Boston, an eleventh grader, believes that a giant peace sign should be dropped due to all of the violence, as a hopeful symbol for a peaceful new year. Although, eleventh grader Caitlyn Kascsak says that balloons should be dropped. Then, in every 500th balloon, there would be a gift card in it for someone to use. Just a little thing that could go a long way!

Of course, others have weighed in with more Cleveland centric ideas. Going along with the city’s history, twelfth grader Matthew Cox believes that a rendition of blue stone, a stone that was mainly collected in Cleveland when it was a mining city, should be dropped to honor the history of the city. Abra Lisowski, a tenth grader, thinks that a version of Superman should be dropped as he did originate in Cleveland, not Krypton! Then again, Ayasha Rasheed, a tenth grader, suggested that a version of Le’Bron James’s head should be dropped as he is one of the most recognized named from Cleveland.

However, Cleveland Heights could also use some ideas for dropping things! Ms. Nancy Rich, an art teacher for jewelry and other art classes, believes that a paint pallet, to show off the artistic side of the community, or the iconic bell tower of Cleveland Heights High School should be dropped. Twelfth grader Jesse Hodges also believes that a tiger head could be dropped for the mascot of the high school,

 Lyanette Jobson, a twelfth grader, has not been in Cleveland Heights or Cleveland long enough to really say what it should drop. She moved from Roanoke, Virginia, and has decided that the Roanoke Star is the perfect thing to drop for her hometown. It is the symbol of the town after all!

So, what do you think? What should Cleveland or Cleveland Heights drop to welcome the new year?