Winter Break Plans

Lyanette Jobson

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Spring Break 2018
March 29, 2018

Winter break is right around the corner and many students, as well as staff, are ready the holidays. Many have plans to see family or vacation, but to get a sense of what the alumni and staff will be doing, we asked them a few questions about their plans.

We asked Cara Gholston-Lewis what is she most excited to do during Winter Break, to which she answered, “I’m most excited to see my grandma because she lives far.” Mr. Lawrence, one of our librarians, commented ,“I can’t wait to sleep.” Mardasha Oliver said, “ I can’t wait to sleep in.”

As most assume travel is bound to be a factor during the holidays, so we asked what were their travel plans. Mrs. Lawrence and Mardasha didn’t have out of state plans, but Cara is going out of state to visit relatives. However, people have some fun activities planned. For example, Cara is spending time with her grandma. Mrs. Lawrence plans to do some fun activities with her twin grandchildren like visiting the Arts & Science museum, or going cross skiing. Which she notes is a rather easy activity despite its competitive contagion. Mardasha plans to hang out with friends and spend time with her family.

Everyone is excited for winter break.Will people be excited to return in January? Mrs. Lawrence says, “I’ll be ready to come back after a few weeks.” Cara said, “ 50% 50 %,” and Mardasha was a short but definite no.

Although finals week is coming up, we all have the sweet reminder of Winter Break right around the corner. How will you be spending your Winter Break ?