Movies to See During Winter Break


Winter break is the perfect time to see movies in the theater. Not just because people have more free time, but also because it’s also a great way to spend time with family. Some movies coming out during winter break are perfect to see with family members while other movies are for people who want to have fun. Like every year, 2017 has a movie for everyone, especially during winter break. Here are some that you might want to see.


  • Thor: Ragnarok


One of the best-reviewed movies of the year may also be Marvel’s best movie. Thor: Ragnarok is extremely funny and satisfying for both Marvel fans and those who don’t know much about the comics. Cate Blanchett as the main villain Hela raises the bar for Marvel villains while the heroes (both returning and new) gives great performances that help carry the story along. A much better experience than the past Thor movies, Thor: Ragnarok is a movie that everyone will enjoy and will remember long after seeing it.


  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi


In 2015 most families saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens during the holidays, so families will most likely do it again this year. The trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi looks like it will answer all the questions from The Force Awakens but will also come with more twists and turns. The story seems promising, engaging and more exciting than the past Stars Wars films which will make everyone (fans and those who are curious) buy a ticket to a movie that might be more epic than The Empire Strikes Back.


  • Coco


Pixar’s newest movie is Coco, a beautifully animated feature with a story for both children and adults. Critics quickly called it one of Pixar’s best movies as its smart story and themes of life and family keep those who watch it entertained. It is also unique with its Mexico setting and all-Latino cast which makes the movie more lovable. The characters and powerful plot entertained audiences and critics and set a high-standard for animated movies.


  • Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri


Most people might not consider seeing an indie movie, but Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – a movie about a mother who sets up billboards after cops fall to find her daughter’s killer- is one indie movie that everyone should see. This more mature picture features great performances from Frances McDorman and Woody Harrelson who help balance the dark comedy and drama in the story. Filled with great direction, writing, and acting, it’s no wonder why critics are calling Three Billboards Outside Ebbbing, Missouri one the year’s best films perfect to see with older relatives.

  • The Disaster Artist

Tommy Wiseau’s The Room most known for being so bad it’s good, yet the movie about the making of The Room is currently known for being so good it’s great. The Disaster Artist has been shown in early screenings for months and has been earning extremely positive reviews. James Franco’s directing helps the movie be funny at one moment and heartfelt at another while his performance as Tommy Wiseau is on point. Another movie for mature audiences, The Disaster Artist in an entertaining dramedy that’s charming and will be enjoyed by everyone who sees it.