Teen Library Council Needs You!


The Lee Road Public Library is housing a new program for all teens in high school who want to make a difference. This program, named Teen Library Council, is run by Payton Meeks, who works in the circulation system, and Rebecca Fisher, a youths services assistant. This new group meets twice a month to come up with ways to positively impact the community and the world around them. Teen Library Council, also known as TLC for short, would like more people to join and help make this program as successful as possible, but what is TLC?

Teen Library Council goes by different names at different libraries, such as Teen Library Advisory Boards, Young Adult Librarians, Young Adult Advisory Councils, and many other titles. No matter what it is called, the basic function of this organization of teens is to come together to try to decide how to make their “teen room” more welcoming and to help the community as a whole. The TLC at the Lee Road library is no exception.  A group of teens comes together to propose teen programs and activity ideas to the library, turn the Teen Room into a space where teens can relax and have fun, and work on projects to benefit the community and the world.

Payton Meeks, one of the co-founders of TLC at the library, wants to help teens change their stereotypical definition from “rebel rouser” to something that will reflect teens in a positive light by “providing teens with productive means” to contribute to the community around them. Teen Library Council is Meeks’ way of reaching out to the library teens, giving them an opportunity to be heard, turning their ideas into a part of reality, and giving them a space where they can plan events to show the community the positive impact they can make.  

Rebecca Fisher, the other co-founder of TLC, has the same vision. Fisher says that TLC is a way to cross socio-economic boundaries and to come together for a common cause. In the future, Fisher is hoping that TLC will become a group of teen volunteers “to make the library a better place” and to help the community become a safer place where teens can speak and not be dismissed.

10th grader Rohan Bruce saw flyers in the teen room for TLC and joined, thinking that, “They wanted our opinions on how the teen room worked.” She soon found out that was not all that TLC addressed. Now, she is helping to plan events for teens, organize events to help the community, and so much more. “I really feel like we’re doing something,” she said.   

TLC is many things to many different people. “It’s somewhere where teens who care can come together to implement ideas into the library and the community,” said Bruce. Fisher said it is a “chance for teens to explore outside of school,” to explore themselves and the community that supports them.

If this sounds like something of interest, come to one of the meetings! The dates and times have changed from the first and third Wednesday of every month to the first and third Monday of every month at 3:30. If you would like to join, but cannot make a meeting, there is no need to panic. It is alright if a few meetings are skipped! Rebecca Fisher is usually in the Teen Room and Payton Meeks is at the front desk. They would be happy to answer any questions about the last meeting or to give an overview of the program as a whole!

Hope to see you there!