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Lyanette Jobson

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Spring Break 2018
March 29, 2018
Contact Information for Librarians

Contact Information for Librarians

Writing papers for class can be a dreaded task when you are lost on where to start. Many students can probably relate to a time where they were completely confused on where to start a paper or where to find the information needed to write it. However, what most students don’t know is that they have a plethora of information if they just go to the school’s library.

I spoke with one of our helpful librarians, Mrs. Bloomberg, about what resources can help students when writing their essays. For websites that can give you good sources for your essay, Mrs. Bloomberg suggests Owl Purdue, which lists information on how to write in MLA format and how to correctly cite sources.

Another must that all students should use, adds Mrs.Bloomberg, is the online library resources that can be found on the district homepage because it has “quality authoritative information.” To find credible newspapers, magazines, and blog sites a useful place to look up specific information is the online library database that helps you search for all credible sources.

Another resource some students might be surprised is the librarians themselves. Mrs. Bloomberg urges anyone who has questions to ask her or Mrs. Lawrence because “we’re very willing resources.”

It would be a crime to not ask a librarian what their favorite book is so I made sure to ask Mrs. Bloomberg what her current favorite book is; which, if you’re a book lover, can be hard to choose just one. However, Mrs.Bloomberg was able to name her top three: The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas,  March 3 by John Lewis and, finally, Genuine by Fraud E. Lockhart, a book Mrs. Bloomberg passionately suggests to those who love suspenseful books.

I advise any student who is having trouble writing a paper to come see our wonderful librarians for their resourceful help.

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